1. Outfits from the past! Which ones your favorite? ✨

  2. Got my big pink bow on 🎀

  3. Easter treats 🐣 (I bought a few macaroons too 😉)

  4. Perfect day for my @pylousa 😼 socks and my new shoes that were a great @crossroadstrading find

  5. Literally sooo in love with this @lulus dress 💕 I want to wear it everyday this summer

  6. Check out my blog post from yesterday if you didn’t already! (at noellesfavoritethings.com)

  7. Coffee and other details

  8. Mexican food..in bed…. while working from home.. With @dannyporat?! Yes please!!

  9. New post on my blog in some @gypsywarrior and @crossroadstrading ♠♥♣ (at noellesfavoritethings.com)

  10. SO GOOD AT BEING IN TROUBLE (by Noelle Downing)

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