1. I can’t wait to take a bunch of photos with this Instax mini at the festival 😍 thank you @garageclothing ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Eating a quick breakfast before getting on the plane with @jaglever 🍓 can’t wait to see you @garageclothing 🎉 (at Air Canada - LaGuardia Airport (LGA))

  3. So excited to share with you guys that tomorrow @jaglever and I will be going to Montreal (Canada) for Osheaga music festival with @garageclothing 😄 I can’t wait to share everything with you!

  4. Some simple vibes today with this perfect @covetandlou necklace 💖

  5. New blog post went up this morning with some fall feelings 🍁 featuring favorites from @forever21 @catfootwear @prettypollylegs @satchandfable (at noellesfavoritethings.com)

  6. It’s a windy sunshiny day ☀️

  7. Apartment things: mostly dead flowers and crooked frames. 💛

  8. Wearing another @crossroadstrading found dress today 🌻

  9. @trexauruss drew my Motel Rocks dress and I love it 😍

  10. @jaglever had her first @juicegeneration acai bowl yesterday and it was beautiful ❤️✨